1. Profile Photo

Should be consistent, professional and represent you & your brand
Stats show that more people will look at your profile if you have a photo

2. Title

Clear & consistent with all other colleagues

3. Custom URL

You can use this custom URL on your email signature, your resume and even your business card

4. Company Logo

Important to include this in “Experience” for branding
Can include previous employers as well as current

5. Summary

Think of this as a 30 second elevator pitch
Create a good impression quickly for people who view your profile
Use key words

6. Experience

Consistent with company & brand & other colleagues
Complete your job history with previous employers
Use keywords

7. Education

Profile reads better if this is included

8. Include all Contact Information

Phone number, email, etc.
Include links to blog & twitter, website, etc. Website links, blog links, etc
N.B. Customize website links with a call to action & something more exciting than what LinkedIn puts in as standard

9. Download LinkedIn Contacts

Tag all your contacts with quick reference tags
Comment how you met - use memory joggers

Export the list as a contacts

10. Groups

Join online community groups where you can actively participate in conversations online (you don’t “have” to participate but I recommend joining a few in relation to your industry)
Idea is that you interact and engage with like-minded individuals – Be social & have conversations
Use engagement within groups to build credibility & let people know you are a subject matter expert in your field

11. Following Companies

Follow companies that you partner with, clients and any other companies of interest to your brand (not so much competitors though).

12. Add Skills & Expertise

You can do this through the “More” tab. Once they are included you can then have them endorsed by colleagues and clients.

13. Ask for Endorsements & Recommendations

Engage and ask colleagues and clients you have a good relationship with to endorse and recommend you (HINT – endorse & recommend first – they will usually be happy to reciprocate)

14. CONNECT with your professional networks

This is what LinkedIn is about – reach out to colleagues (past & present), friends, clients, etc.
LinkedIn is not Facebook, you don't have to friends with someone to connect. You just need to be professionally connected, like-minded, etc.

15. Be Active

Share Content – updates, industry information, company Blog
Monitor updates and engage