Blogging is a powerful tool that many businesses are tapping into. However, many small businesses that I speak with are wondering if blogs are worth the time and commitment. Below I have broken down the Top Five Reasons that small businesses need to consider if they have the capacity to take on a Business Blog.


1. Connecting with Customers - Small businesses can use a blog to connect with customers and clients.  In today’s market, quality face time with a potential client or customer can be a challenge for many businesses. A blog allows customer’s insight into your business and the ability to get to know your business via a more informal channel.

2. Be Found – A blog can increase your SEO and your chances of being found on Google (or other search engines). By using the right keywords, you will jump up the ranks on search results and increase your visibility to potential customers.

3. Drive Traffic to Your Website – A blog with quality content integrated in your website, encourages customers and clients on other social media platforms to click over to your website. By sharing the link to your blog posts via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc, you are encouraging people who otherwise wouldn’t have clicked over to your website.  What is great about a blog is that every time you have a new blog post, you have a new reason to put the call out via social media and email and ask potential customers and clients to click onto your website.

HubSpot  recently released some stats on blogging and showed that companies who blog see up to 55% more web traffic and up to 70% more leads.

4. Become A Shareable Commodity – A well thought out blog not only demonstrates to your potential customers and clients that you know your stuff, it also enables your customers and clients to spread the word about you to their like-minded friends and colleagues. If you think who your customers and clients are, it is likely that they know and are “friends” with people who have similar interests to them. Therefore when they read something of value, intrigue or humour that you have written on your blog, they will be compelled to share it with their like-minded friends. Without you having to ask, they are advocating your small business and becoming a channel for your marketing.

5. Stand out from your Competitors – Your blog enables you to provide your customers with knowledge and expertise. You can demonstrate that you are an expert in your industry and that you are more knowledgeable and experienced than your competitor.  You are also able to show your customers your personality and the more informal side which is often more appealing to potential customers.

Blogging is an investment for any small business in time and effort. To get the most from a blog, you need to be consistent, provide quality content and add value to your readers. If you have the capacity to take on blogging, it can be a very powerful and effective way to grow your business.

If you would like to talk more about Blogs and your small business, or discuss how we can help with establishing and managing your blog, please contact us.