Our Favourite Tools for Managing your Social Media & Digital Marketing

We are big believers that in small business you need to outsource what you can so that you can focus on what you do best in your business. However, with technology these days, there are some awesome tools out there that can really help you with your social media and digital marketing. They are so cool, they have reduced the need to outsource jobs and tasks which you previously might have had to pay big dollars to get a professional outcome.

We wanted to share our favourite tools and Apps which are simple to use, produce sophisticated results and most importantly tested and loved by us!

Simply Measured – This little gem allows you to run the free reports on your social media activity. In just a few minutes it will generate (and deliver straight to your inbox) a Facebook competitor analysis, Instagram User Analysis and plenty more. Check it out and see how your business is doing!

Canva – A personal favourite, Canva is like a one stop graphics tool which means you no longer need to hire a graphic design or be a Photoshop Whizz. You can use Canva for free or you can pay for a premium service which gives you a bit more freedom. It also operates as a stock library of photos and has a template for every type of marketing design you may need from newsletters and flyers to social media posts. If you are wanting to create some neat graphics for your social media, Canva is for you!

Bit.ly – If you plan on using twitter, make sure you are using a URL shortener. Don't waste all of your character count on long links to articles. A trusted shortened link looks neater and because bit.ly is commonly used and trusted, users don't fear clicking the links.  A great little add on with this is that you can measure how many clicks your link gets!

Hootsuite – If you want to plan ahead (which we strongly recommend you do), you need a scheduling tool or App!  Especially handy if you plan on posting on a few platforms and want to save time. Set up all your accounts on Hootsuite and start planning your social media content calendar and get scheduling!!

Post Planner - Do you struggle to find quality content? Sign up for post planner and you will be able to search and see what is the hottest and most popular content on social media at the time. Great for finding popular articles and memes, this takes the pain out of hours of searching on Google and Pinterest! 

If you want to look at these tools and some others that are more specific to your goals and strategies, get in touch and we can organise some training to help you use your time efficiently and yield the best results!