Simple Steps for Setting up a Business Page on Facebook

Remember when creating your Facebook page, that Facebook is ultimately not the best space for “free advertising”. Try no to think of it as a free platform but rather a space you can go to and advertise to a huge audience for minimal costs.

Some Simple Steps for Setting up a Business Page on Facebook:

Should be 851x315 pixels
Call to action included on image – then put some more specific text in the
comments with a link
This should be changed every month or two to keep it fresh

Should be 180x180 pixels
Ideally this should be your logo (an image that is easily recognisable as your brand)

Fill in major milestones – backfill and tell a brand story
Link your other social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube
Optimise your tabs so that you are showcasing what you want your audience to see
Complete your information section: address, opening hours, contact details, website address
Like other pages – your key influencers, business partners, suppliers, like-minded businesses, pages and businesses you support or want to follow for interest
Personalise your FB URL (in settings)
Add your page admins (under Page roles in Settings)

Ask friends and family to like your page
Ask your staff to like and share
Send out an email to your clients/customers asking them to like your page and leave a review.
Consider an EDM giveaway to existing customers if they like your page

Encourage staff, clients and family and friends to leave reviews about your business. A 5 star rating looks good on your page in regards to first impressions.
Make sure you reply to reviews, with at least a thank you.

Image size should be 472x394 pixels
Facebook rewards good content and regular content
Post ideally once a day, more is good
Post a mix of “brand content” and other content, which adds value to your target
audience. Don’t make the mistake of only talking about yourself/your business
Use the schedule tool to post ahead of time - saves you time
Don’t broadcast to your audience – think of your posts as an opportunity to have a virtual coffee. You don’t shout at your customers/clients at coffee, have a conversation with them.
SHARE relevant posts from other pages that you like and follow

What time is the majority of your audience online? Schedule posts for then
What content does your audience respond to (brand, news, testimonials, examples of your work)?
What types of posts does your audience respond to (Photos, videos, links)?
Your audience will tell you what they like by interacting with that post. Give them what they want.
Watch your competitors (you can do this in your insights)

Please respond to your audience, a like is not usually sufficient and comments help with engagement = bigger reach.
Your fans want to feel heard and to have a conversation with you
Encourage conversation – ask questions

Start to build your audience
Look to sponsor posts about your brand
Identify ad objectives
Identify what other ads would work for your objectives


Remember that Facebook rewards good content. If you are getting clicks, likes, comments and shares – your post will be deemed “good content” and get better reach. Always aim for engagement in all your Facebook posts.

To encourage your advertising spend, Facebook wants you to pay for increasing your reach by boosting your posts. The best way to get the best results without spending advertising money to boost your posts is by posting highly valuable content that gets a lot of clicks, likes, comments and shares. Essentially, posting engaging content at the right time of the day for your audience.

Facebook recently introduced a new aspect of their algorithm which means that if they deem your posts to be “brand” posts your reach will be decreased.  This is to encourage you to “boost” your post or sponsor your story (advertise) so that you have an increased reach. Consider paid advertising for your brand posts. It is also to encourage you to add value to your followers with information that isn't just blanket screaming about your brand. 

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Georgia Carver