Where Should Small Businesses Start on Social Media

Getting started on social media as a small business can be exciting, yet daunting and overwhelming! Before you start opening those accounts on every platform, have a look at the questions below and start with a plan!

There are two important points that you need to know to get started: 

1. You can't just open a Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram account for your business and expect the money will start rolling in. I know there is a big push to be on social media and small businesses absolutely need to be using it, but just like most things in life, a successful social media strategy takes hard work, dedication and time for the results to come in.

2. Social Media is not a free advertising platform. You need to have an advertising budget if you want to see results. The bigger the budget, the quicker the results. You really do need to "Pay to Play".

A few things to consider as you embark on your social media adventure for your small business:

1. What social media platform is right for you?  (Just because Facebook is the biggest, doesn't mean it is the most effective or right one for your business).

2. Where are your online community (and potential customers) spending their time online? 

3. What do you want to actually achieve through social media (because your competitors are online is not a reason)?

4. Can you build a community before needing to sell your service or product? Social media is about igniting emotion in your customers. Some of the most successful some stories from social media are ones where the community was built and the business and money came after. e.g Constance Hall the blogger built a phenomenal fan base of women AKA Queens through her blog and then once she launched her self published book, her existing fan base was ready and waiting to buy whatever she was selling! 

5. Are you committed to having conversations online? Remember social media is about being...SOCIAL!  You need to initiate conversation and engage, it is a two way conversation channel and you need to be using it properly, you can't just broadcast your product or service and expect people to respond.

6. What value are you adding to your online community? Broadcasting out about your business is not really offering any value (no matter how fantastic your products or services are)...what value can you offer through social media to your customers and clients?  

These questions are important. They should be the starting point for your social media strategy and you absolutely must have a strategy before you launch your small business onto social media. You need to set goals and identify what your objectives are.

If you want some help putting your strategy together, get in touch, we are happy to help guide you through this process.

GOOD LUCK & Have fun!!