It's 2019, Facebook is dead...or is it?

So we won’t lie, we get asked this all the time: “Facebook is dead, why should we do social media?” And while there are a lot of important reasons for your business to do social media, first and foremost let’s just nip one thing in the bud…

Facebook is not dead.

I know that Sarah next door said that her daughter isn’t on Facebook and that no one is using it anymore, but we beg to differ. Facebook in fact, continues to grow. Currently Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users (FYI - active users means these are the people that are actually logging in and using it, not just accounts/profile).

Facebook ranks 3rd globally as the most popular websites worldwide, with only Google and YouTube being ranked higher. So no, not dead.

top five ranked websites worldwide 2019

(Source: Similar Web)

What we will say is this: How most businesses and brands use Facebook is officially dead in the water. Dead. Gone. Expired. Redundant.

2019 is the year of bringing back the social part of social media. Businesses need to move away from branded content that self promotes. As a business, you need to return to being social with your online community. What will engage them? How can you provide some value that they will appreciate?
HINT: It’s probably nothing to do with your product/service. That bit comes later.

First you need to build a community, build trust, build a relationship. Once your community trusts you, you can look at ways to convert them into customers/clients.

So what should your Facebook strategy look like in 2019??

Buzzsumo has pulled everything they learned from 777 million Facebook posts to understand more about the most successful posts. Businesses need to use these findings to help guide their Facebook marketing strategy in 2019.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Key Takeaways from 777 Million Facebook Posts:

Chart of the most common reactions on facebook posts.png
  • Video performs better than all other types of Facebook posts

  • The most common reactions to top Facebook video posts are LOVE and HAHA

  • Inspirational, funny, and practical content generates the most engagement

Four examples of the year’s most successful Facebook posts

So how should you use this information in your Facebook Strategy?

  • Consider your own behaviour and posting habits on your personal social media

  • Create content for your Facebook community that is both human and story-focused

  • Play the long game by focusing on building an engaged community

So, no. Facebook isn’t dead. But as marketers and business owners on social media, we need to be smart about how we communicate with our online communities and how we use Facebook.

Georgia Carver